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Supreme Evolutionary Principle
by Reluctant Messiah

Is defined by the Grand Impetus, the life force, which is the impetus behind all movement it's blind intention to evolve and expand consciousness, life, and experience through out the infinity of the universe. To know itself in myriad of forms and circumstance.

It is all about evolution, when one or many stop evolving the impetus will come as cause.

If one evolves without resistance there is no need for a sometimes undesired impetus.

"Preemptive evolution is the best practice"

"If you want it to go away, then simply evolve your mind"

"Trust it never goes wrong but always right in the context of one's evolutionary needs"

"In going with the flow one evolves naturally, in our resistance to the flow we do not evolve but generate an unpleasant impetus that will force us"

"The failure to evolve in response to change creates a growing impetus to evolve that cannot be long ignored until the choice is to evolve or perish."

"History repeats itself until the entity evolves so as to not generate the same patterns, both the singular and the plurality" -The Infinite Play

"Everything happens perfectly relative to our evolution"

"Everything happens perfectly relative to our level of consciousness and stage of evolution"

It is the process of evolution that is most enjoyed, not the obtainment of a final state, so it never stops

"For what seemed like an eternity I existed in an empty void, a desire for something I could not name grew and grew creating an enormous gravity. Then in one moment, it appeared, a small difference in the expanse of the nothingness, there was no when, but it was then, that I felt the thing that I had desired. After an eternity being alone  there was something in the nothing, it didn't matter what it was, it could be anything, the feeling for it was overwhelming beyond description, I called it Love"    -Infinite Play the Movie

“Consciousness is the stone that creates the waves in a sea of nothing”by Richard Gerber from Intangics

"Is consciousness a product of biological evolution or is biological evolution an expression of consciousness? What is your opinion?" asked Deepak Chopra

"They are both products of time and represent the evolution of the same thing. Time is evolution and evolution is time. One side of the coin does not cause the other side of the coin, but it is the coin that causes both sides" replied Richard

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"Those that do not evolve today will meet with the same tomorrow if not greater impetus to evolve"  -Richard the Reluctant Messiah

"Bless everyone that we may evolve quickly in the flow and avoid the undesired impetus to evolve due to stagnation"

All the above was originally conceived and authored by Richard

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